Frequently Asked Questions


About American Driving School:

  • Are you licensed by the PA Department of education?
    Yes - our license number is 300-09-007-0.
  • How can I arrange for behind-the-wheel driver's instruction?
    Telephone the American Driving School directly requesting an appointment (215-639-2390). We'll make every effort to accommodate your schedule, including picking you up at your residence, school, or place of work, seven days a week.
  • Can I take the required 6 hours of driving lessons in my mom's car?
    No. All of the first six hours of driving lessons must be provided by a licensed driving instructor in a dual controlled training vehicle.
  • Do I have to sign-up for driver's education classes before I take behind-the-wheel instruction?
    No. As long as you have a valid Pennsylvania learner's permit, you may schedule a driving lesson. Just call the American Driving School for an appointment.
  • If I am stopped by a police officer while driving in the School's vehicle, who gets the ticket, me or the supervising party?
    YOU. The DRIVER of any vehicle is the captain of the ship and is completely responsible for anything that happens.
  • When will I get my Driver's Completion Certificate?
    The American Driving School issues a signed and dated Completion Certificate in your name at the conclusion of your six hours of driving instructions.
  • How do I qualify for an auto insurance discount?
    Most insurance companies provide a significant reduction in insurance premium rates for those who have completed an approved driver education program. The American Driving School offers a State Certified and Approved drivers education course that consists of two phases of instruction: thirty (30) hours of classroom and six (6) hours behind-the-wheel laboratory phase, at the student's convenience. Classes are held throughout the year at a variety of locations in the tri-county area. Please visit our class schedule page showing area school locations. There is no charge for textbooks or supplies.
  • What other services does the American Driving School provide?
    We provide classroom and on the road driving instruction to anyone desiring driving assistance. We specialize in teaching adults to drive. Our patient professional instructors will take you comfortably through our step-by-step process and help you become a safe, confident, and licensed driver. We also offer remedial training for seniors and those drivers who may have encountered physical disabilities that have prevented them from driving.
  • Do you have instructors that are accustomed to training foreign-born students?
    We are able to provide driver's instruction to students with limited English-speaking proficiency.

About the PA Driver's Test:

  • What's the best source of study material to prepare for the Learner's Permit Test?
    The Pennsylvania Driver's Manual (Publication 95/3-13) is available at your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles' Test Center. Study your free manual. We suggest reading it several times. You will be required to take a Knowledge Test consisting of 18 multiple questions; 15 questions must be answered correctly to pass the test.
  • What is the best time to schedule my driver's test?
    The Driver's Testing Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. We recommend scheduling your driver's tests as early as possible on the day of the test, allowing you miss minimal class time at your high school (or place of employment) during weekdays.
  • What is the best way to schedule my driver's test?
    We suggest you take your test using our training vehicle the morning of your last driving lesson. We will schedule your test for the earliest appointment of that day. For example, we'd pick you up at 7 AM for a two-hour driving lesson, followed by the test, and drive you back to school or home with your license. We have a 99.6% pass rate for the first attempt at a drive test. No matter how nervous you may be about learning how to drive, keep in mind that thousands of people before you have learned to drive, and you can as well! All you need is to have the DESIRE and let us guide you to your license. Please contact your instructor, or the American Driving School for assistance.
  • What do I need to have in my possession at the time of my driver's test?
    • Your valid learner's permit,
    • if you are under the age of eighteen, Form DL-180C validating that you have completed 65 hours of behind-the-wheel training (it must be notarized; otherwise, your parent must accompany you to the Testing Center and sign it in the presence of the Test Examiner),
    • the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and
    • your check or cash for the two-hour driving lesson and for the test.
  • What happens if I fail my driver's test?
    If you fail the Road Test (and are under the age of eighteen), you must wait seven (7) days before you can retake the test. This delay allows you time to practice and to improve your driving skills.

About driving:

  • Is it okay to drive with my learner's permit in another state?
    In most cases you are permitted to drive in other states as long as you have someone with you who is at least 21 years of age with a valid Pennsylvania license. However, you should check the driving rules in each state you wish to drive in.
  • How difficult is it to master parallel parking?
    Our training vehicles are compact, allowing maximum opportunity to satisfactorily perform parallel parking. Learning to parallel park is relatively easy following guidance from our licensed driving instructors. We assure that all students are fully prepared to parallel park at the time of testing.