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30 Hour On-Line Theory Course ($100)

This online Driver's Eduction Course will fulfill your Pennsylvania drivers education requirements.

Course includes:

  • 30 hours of interactive training
  • Review and quiz at the end of each unit
  • Comprehensive final exam
  • Certificate of completion upon passing the course

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30-Hour Defense Driving Classroom Course  -  Please call 215-639-2390 for schedule and class location.

Course includes:

  • Review of all potential questions in the Learner's Permit Test
  • Distribution and review of PA Driver's Manuals and safety brochures
  • Review of all PA traffic laws
  • Effects of emotional, physical, and visibility factors on driving ability
  • Effects of social pressures (drugs, alcohol, distractions) on driving ability
  • Discussion of drinking, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs and driving (legal and safety)
  • Traffic signs, symbols, and markings
  • Rules of the road
  • Basic driving skills:
    • knowing and controlling your automobile
    • starting, stopping, and steering the car
    • turning, parking, and positioning the car
    • auto vs. manual transmissions
    • antilock vs conventional braking systems
    • handling adverse driving conditions (snow, rain, glare, etc.)
    • handling different environments (urban street, rural roads, highways, etc.)
    • sharing the road (other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.)
    • encountering unforseen hazards

Reinforces learning with videos, role-playing, guest speakers, and exams


6-hour Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction

Course includes:

  • Orientation and basic operation of the vehicle
  • Left and right turns - mechanics and legal aspects
  • Parallel and reverse parking
  • Problem solving
  • Recognition and negotiation of everyday hazards (school buses, pedestrians, bicycles, railroad crossings, etc.)
  • High-speed driving environments (turnpikes, interstates, expressways, throughfares) including entering and exiting linited-access highways
  • Review and critique of the student's knowledge and ability
  • Preparation for the state exam
  • Driver's Completion Certificate, in your name, signed and dated, when you complete the 6-hour course

Course is conducted in our carefully maintained, dual-control automobiles.
Students are picked up and dropped off at home, school, or place of work.